Add your creatures to the Nursery

Please note! Each creature will be removed from the system once it has grown up, is frozen, is released, is put in a trade, is put in a hidden tab, or once it has been in the nursery for 2 days, regardless of what state it is in at the moment. If your creature hasn't grown or hatched during the 2 day period, feel free to add the creatures again.

In order to add your eggs to be hatched only, check the "to hatchling only" checkbox. We cannot control how many clicks your eggs or hatchlings are going to get, though, so even after hatching your hatchling might get a few clicks before the hatchlings are removed from the IFN.

If you wish to add your creatures to the Sitting Exchange Servie as well, check the "Insert to Sitting Exchange" checkbox. If you do not wish your creatures to be inserted into the Sitting Exchange leave the box unchecked.

To remove creatures from the Nursery go to the Remove Page.

Creature Codes: [?]

To hatchling only:

Insert into the Sitting Exchange?